Birth Calmly

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I am passionate about HypnoBirthing® and passionate that every woman should :

  • Know that there is nothing to fear
  • Be taught what their body is doing during labour and that it knows what to do
  • Be empowered to make their own decisions and choices about the birth of their babies

My Story

As soon as I had announced that I was pregnant, the negative birth stories started, everyone wanted to share their experience and there wasn’t a positive one amongst them. I did have to wonder ‘surely there is another way?’ Being a qualified Hypnotherapist I remembered studying surgery which had been conducted under hypnosis with no other means of anaesthesia and after some further research I came across the HypnoBirthing® programme by Marie Mongan.

I read the book and completed the course with my husband, quite early on in my pregnancy as I wanted to give myself enough time to practise the relaxation and breathing techniques. The course also brought my husband into the birthing experience and gave him a specific role to play.

I gave birth to Haydn after 4 ½ hours of labour, comfortably and easily, just listening to the HypnoBirthing® CD and remaining relaxed throughout. It was a wonderful experience.

After meeting numerous new Mums, again who were eager to compete over who had suffered the most, I decided to train as a HypnoBirthing® Practitioner so that I could share the programme and help more women look forward to their baby’s birthday.

Two years later I used the techniques again when I gave birth to my daughter Amanie after a 2 ½ hour labour at home in water. An hour later I was sat downstairs having lunch and a cup of tea, it really was the best birthing experience and I would happily do it again tomorrow !